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  Music is what feelings sound like, the ideal choice… Get the most out of life with sweet-melody in it’s simplicity with BB02 ABOUT BIGMANITY THE BBO2 aka Jesse Adesotu Woghiren (CEO), mostly called Omoba as one of the Edo Royal family son, is an award winning musician, composer, producer, songwriter, performer and dancer who has featured on, collaborated and done production work for major entities from Guinness, to MTV to Universal records, and whose recent growing global activities (momentum) mirrors or its reminiscing of his palpable early life fame growth between Boston U.S.A and Benin city Nigeria, due to his tactical entertainments indulgence from his rap lyrical prowess to his dance moves, choreography or combinations skills and styles, his astute sense of fashion and the many music groups/band rivalry competition from the ancient city to Benin-town in Edo. He’s coming out of oblivion straight into his befitting status, something of a legendary work that involve


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